IntelliShare 4: Merge Options | Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family TreeWhen you’re trying to use IntelliShare to get two family files merged and your cousin, the bloodhound, is being derailed by research questions, you just need some good ammunition to get her back on track.

And, here it is. Legacy’s Merge screen.

Merge Options, Legacy Family Tree

Merge is merge; research is research.

*** At the top of the screen are tabs leading to various parts of your database including General Notes, Research Notes and Medical Notes. You’re in the middle of a Merge and get the urge to say something about what you see? — Write a note then and there and Append it to the person you’re merging. Or, consolidate the two sides and Replace.

*** Then there’s the To-Do buttons. On both sides. Click a button and get taken direct to the Individual’s To-Do list. Add a to-do and return to the merge.

*** And then there’s tagging options; left person, right person, or both people. Tag away and then create a Search List and do as you please in the Name List with the ream of options there. Later.

Name List Options, Legacy Family Tree

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