IntelliShare 5: Small Export Files | Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family TreeDay 2 of Intellishare. I got Cuz out of the research rut but we immediately took a sharp left into another ditch.

She told me she didn’t have time to work on genealogy for a few days so I said, “Ok.”

About half way through the day I got an email from her telling me she was merging files from the MasterFile into her ‘regular’ database. I was afraid to ask why. And she was looking at her copy of the MasterFile and her database side by side in split-screen view, hand-picking people who were different. And she’d figured out how to export a Legacy file and there were 10 of these ‘different’ people waiting for me in the Dropbox.

First of all, that’s going in a circle backwards and making me do the same thing twice. Export from the MasterFile to her ‘regular’ database, then export to me to merge back into the MasterFile. Hello?

OK, let’s calculate this out. There is some point to sending me ‘different’ people but this is 7,500 people. Ten per day. That’s 750 days. Two years.

Axe that. I mean, seriously. Chop that idea to pieces. This is a computer I’m sitting in front of, Intel(R) Quad-Core i5, 2.67 GHz, not a manual typewriter.

Second of all, she wouldn’t be able to work on her regular database in the meantime (for the next two years) because she wouldn’t be able to keep track of who she changed and who needed to be exported again. And even if she could I’d have to merge all the cr*p all over again every time she exported it to find one tiny change.

So, this is how it’s going to go. Because she’s bloodhound and I’m techno-genie and I prevail. (One can dream.) She’s going to send me her family file dammit, the entire thing, just the way it is, warts included. No research sidetracks allowed for the next five minutes. Just export it to Dropbox. Done.

I import the file into the MasterFile which isn’t anything right now except my family file with the 10 merged people from today. That will make about 14,000 people altogether and god knows how many similar but essentially duplicate sources. I’ll worry about those later.

I will first run Auto-Merge which might take care of a couple thousand. Then I’ll do the merges I have to think about until my brain fuzzes over and then I’ll send the file back to her so she can carry on doing whatever she does over there. There’s going to be thousands of duplicates left over floating around as a second tree but does it really matter? I hope not.

Then, after I’ve gone on with the rest of my life for a couple of days, she’ll send the file back to me again, I’ll run IntelliPass to merge anything that will merge automatically, then merge a few dozen others from the backlog until I’m tired again and send the file back to her. And so on. And I’m sure this will be finished sometime over the long winter coming up.

This is an actual plan. I think.

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