IntelliShare 6: Merging Family Files | Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family TreeLegacy Family Tree’s IntelliShare Day 3. I thought we’d hit an impasse. The Merge was being held hostage.

Cousin refused to send me her family file. She wanted me to import and merge one small export file after another, piecemeal. She thought she could win with stubbornness.

I said I wasn’t going to do it because it doesn’t make sense. It would take forever and it would be impossible to keep track of where we are. Nothing gets my mind in a twist more than insane methodology.

She sent me her family file. I could feel her sulking all the way from the East Coast.

I cleaned up the extra 20 trees in her file using Tree Finder and deleted her father’s mother’s line. There were still about 200 duplicates to merge but I decided to let them go and catch up later.

I imported her file into mine for a total of 12,998. I started Merge. It told me there were 3,470 possible duplicates. Auto-merge took care of about 200. My guess is this will merge down to a total of 10,000-11,000 which means we’ve each gained 3,500-4,500 new people.

See the advantage of merging files? You can find that many new cousins in a nano-second. And you’re not both proceeding blind researching the same issues all over again.

And then we hit another brick wall. After writing, I admit, too many emails yesterday and one short but detailed instruction manual today on ‘where-we-go-from-here’ I don’t know how that’s possible. She thinks after I finish the merge we are going to be working on separate files and she will send me changes in small export files. What is it with the small export files? No! The point of this is for us to work on the same file.

I see the potential for a huge AHA! moment here.

She’s now gone out for the evening and left me hanging on this point. I have to stop merging anyone with Notes because she mentioned she doesn’t like the way I keep mine. She keeps all hers in one long list; general, research, medical, birth, christening, death and burial all cross-eyed. Maybe that’s the way FTM does it? In Legacy they’re separate options.

We’ll hit our level eventually. She’ll get past her brick wall, we’ll agree on formatting for notes. And live happily ever after.

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