IntelliShare 7: Crash & Burn | Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family TreeDay 4. The IntelliShare project has now crashed and burned. Like we didn’t see that one coming.

Cuz is not willing to compromise on any point whatsoever. Where the notes go, formatting of locations, the family lines that should be included/excluded …. nothing.

It’s what happens as we get older. Our minds turn to petrified rock.

I can’t merge her file, the exact way she wants it, without throwing both of us back into the Stone Age organizationally.

Instead, she wants a common family research file, i.e. dumping ground, to which we both add, and then take from, changed files to merge into our respective databases.

That would work except:

  • It would take me about 200 hours working on the present merge to create that file.
  • I’d have to be continually searching for and exporting my changed files into it,
  • running merges to keep it up to date,
  • merging her changes,
  • searching to find the changed files,
  • exporting them and
  • importing them and
  • merging them into my ‘main’ database.

And she would have to do likewise except for the initial 200-hour-merge thing.

I’m nixing the merged-database-in-the-middle idea and that doesn’t suit her either because nixing ideas is me ‘refusing to compromise’. Well, yeah. Why not just revert to small export files sent direct?

And, that’s what Cuz still wants – small export files. (See IntelliShare 5) She’d rather ‘clean up’ her database first and send it to me in increments.

‘Cleaning up’ her database with her propensity for research sidetracks, (see IntelliShare 3) is not going to be ‘done’ anytime in her lifetime. Or mine.

And she still doesn’t understand IntelliShare.

Our combined file, MASTERFILE, now contains her database and mine, minus the extraneous lines … warts and all. There is NO difference between cleaning up her database ‘first’ or cleaning it up within the combined file.

The advantage of using the combined file is that when she sidetracks to find a ‘missing’ source she may find it’s not missing at all because I’ve already put it in there.

If she was using the MasterFile she would find that last night I, her Virgo cousin, merged hundreds of her differently-formatted Master Locations into the nFS standard and set 720 of her dead people from Living to Not Living. Everyone needs a Virgo whether they realize it or not.

But she isn’t and she doesn’t. She just sent me four more emails intended to knock me right off my perch into next Wednesday. I sent one back saying I’m tired of picking her shrapnel out of my head. She’s now gone out for a potluck and will ‘think about it’. I’m back to working on the IRS thing.

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