IntelliShare: Having Your Cake, Part 2

The ongoing post-Intellishare adventures with Cuz. It’s a good thing I’ve never tried to make a living as a diplomat. While I’d be thinking about how to make all the people happy all the time the situation would be long gone and I’d be left standing in the dust still thinking.

Ok, scrap yesterday’s SHARED plan. Redundant and too complicated.

Since Cuz favors ‘small export files’ we’ll stick with that, but no point putting them into a shared file. Too much work.

I will take all her various exports and put them into one continuously growing file, clean it up to my liking, get all my questions answered and eventually merge it into my main file.

I will add the MRINs, link up the source documentation, as she sends it, and put those files back into SOURCES which Cuz has access to through our shared Dropbox folder. She can find the new files by sorting according to Last Modified date and link them up to her own file to replace whatever else she calls them. Or she can write her own numbers and file-names (as it turns out she prefers) before sending them over to me.

This part sounds a little confusing but Cuz has it figured. So, OK, good. I like that she links the files on her side, otherwise I wouldn’t know which source document belonged to what. I think I’ll shut up at this point because she’s doing me a favor.

Since I work at random according to my whims I’m sticking to that. The copy I sent her of my database on September 3rd is the one she merged into her main file. Over 6,500 individuals, 1,000+ sources and 10,000 source citations. That deserves a commendation. I flaked out midstream trying to merge hers.

All I have to do now is periodically send her an export of everything modified since September 3rd and she can search that file for anything changed since the last file I sent, assuming she’s keeping caught up as the files arrive. Changes can be quite mysterious. Is it a photo? An MRIN? Short Locations? A semi-colon in a source citation? Who knows but that’s now her challenge. 😉

We’re now about a million miles away from what IntelliShare is but never mind. Life goes on.

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