How To Invite People To Dropbox

DropboxInviting people to Dropbox is simple. It’s also a question that gets asked over and over again, so the answer is worth repeating. This post was originally published in May 2012. It’s been updated to reflect the latest version of Dropbox.

Dropbox is, foremost, a way to back up your files online and synchronize them to your other computers and devices. After you install Dropbox and put files into the My Dropbox folder on your computer, those files will be backed up to the Dropbox server.

But you also have the option of sharing those files, or any others, with other people. You cannot, however, add files to someone’s Dropbox unless you’re sharing a folder with them. Either they have to invite you or you have to invite them. This is not a free-for-all. It’s by choice.

If the screenshots below don’t exactly match your experience of Dropbox, chances are you’re running an older version. Just dobwnload the latest and install it over the top of what you already have. It doesn’t update itself automatically.

Installing Dropbox

Sign up for an account. You’ll need a username and password. Download the Dropbox installer. After running the installer you’ll find a folder called My Dropbox in My Documents (on Windows) and an icon in your system tray. You can also access all files and functionality by logging into your Dropbox account online.

Install Dropbox on all your computers and mobile devices so your files will sync between them. You’ll have 2GB of space for free. You can earn extra space – 500MB per referral, for anyone installing Dropbox for the first time through your recommendation up to a maximum of about 18GB.

Put files into your My Dropbox folder for backup or for sharing with others. Create as many sub-folders as you like. These files and folders work the same as any others on your hard-drive; delete, copy, paste, move, search, etc.

Inviting/Adding People To Your Dropbox Folder

In order to invite people to your Dropbox, simply:

1. Create a new folder inside the My Dropbox folder.

2. Give the folder a name. (Like your name and the name of the person you want to invite, eg. John-Jane)

3. Right-click on the folder and, under the Dropbox icon, choose Share this folder

Inviting People To Dropbox

This will automatically open a Dropbox window in your browser where you type in the person’s email address (and a message if you like.) Then click the blue button that says Share folder. Then you have to wait.

Accepting A Dropbox Invitation

What happens next is the other person receives an email asking them to view the folder you’ve invited them to. If they already have Dropbox installed, this link will take them straight to their online account where they’ll have the option to Accept or Decline your invitation.

Invitation To Shared Folder, Dropbox

If they don’t yet have Dropbox installed they’ll have to do that first.

The invitation will also show up in the system tray menu if Dropbox is already installed.

Invitation to Shared Folder, Dropbox

After installation and acceptance of the invitation, both parties will have a folder called, for instance, ‘John-Jane’ in their My Dropbox folder.

Whatever you put in the folder will show up on their computer and whatever they put in the folder will show up on your computer. Up to the maximum of space you have. You both start with 2GB free plus a 500MB bonus for them accepting your invitation. You only get a bonus if they’re setting up a Dropbox account for the first time.

You can invite more than one person to a Shared folder by repeating the process above or adding several email addresses to the same initial invitation.

And you can create as many Shared folders as you like. I use Shared folders as a way-station. When I get something new I move it out of there to make more space for something else.

If you need to you can follow the step-by-step instructions at Dropbox: Inviting, Accessing & Sharing.

You can also invite people to Dropbox using your online Dropbox account. If you’re away from home, just log in.

8 thoughts on “How To Invite People To Dropbox

  1. Dave Carver

    1. Access Dropbox Public Folder

    2. How To Invite People To Dropbox

    two good articles most helpful. Good video with 1. Not very good 2, lacked clarity in delivery.

    1. JL Post author

      That’s interesting. The second video was not the one I put there originally. The author must have switched it. I agree, it’s not good and I’ve taken it out. The instructions for inviting someone to a shared Dropbox folder are so simple, no video is needed, really.

  2. Russell Farley

    Great instructions! (for the most part… still can’t find exactly how a friend logs in to DropBox to view a file I’ve sent him. I assume he uses his own DropBox username and password. I despise assuming, but what else can I do? Anyway, the DropBox instructions are HORRIBLE!!…more like non-existent.

    1. JL Beeken Post author

      You might want to drop Dropbox a line about their lack of appropriate instructions.

      It depends how you send a file to your friend. If you send him a link, he clicks on the link and goes directly to the file.

      If you have a Shared folder, he’s not logging into anything. He has a My Dropbox folder on his computer, the same as you do and you’re simply passing files back and forth through that folder. If he has his computer on when you send him a file he’ll see a notification of it down by his clock. If not, he’ll have to check his folder once in awhile. Or he can right-click on the Dropbox icon (down by his clock) to see the most recently changed files.

  3. Dirk van Seventer

    I’m trying to inviting/add a person to my Dropbox Folder
    I create a new folder inside the My Dropbox folder.
    I give the folder a name.
    I right-click on the folder but under the Dropbox icon the “Share this folder…” option is not available, only the “Share DropBox link” and “View on” option.
    There is another option “Share with” but this does not seem to be part of DropBox. It asks about “homegroups” and stuff
    Any suggestions?

    1. JL Beeken Post author

      Well, I had the same situation when I looked this morning. AND Windows Explorer kept crashing on me. So I rebooted my computer and now I also have the ‘Share this folder’ option again.

  4. Anxious

    There are two options to inviting friends to use Droobox: invite individual friends OR click to invite all contacts in your email account. I clicked “all contacts,” thinking I would find information (such as choosing among certain categories of contacts), sub-options, a stopgap step or an option to cancel. There were no follow-up steps, though. Did I really just send this to everyone? Is there any way to cancel or revoke that before all contacts see that? I’m having huge regrets and anxiety about this.

    I tried to follow instructions on how to view pending invitations, but I could t find it.

    1. JL Beeken Post author

      I’m sorry; I don’t really know what’s going to happen here. Just a guess – First of all, when people receive your invitation they have to install Dropbox. Some might, some might not. You should get a lot o referral bonuses so that’s good. Did you invite them all to a specific shared folder or just to Dropbox in general? I’ve only ever invited people to specific shared folders not to my entire Dropbox account so I don’t know what will happen. Probably your best bet would be to post your query at Dropbox Help.


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