JLiki 1: Downloading TiddlyWiki & Enabling Javascript

JLiki Class is beginning. How to create your own genealogy wiki.

Before we start, everyone stand up. (As long as that’s OK with your doctor.) Stretch your arms out to the side. Not too far. Some of us are old. Stretch your fingertips out to the wall. Do a little jig with your feet. Carefully. Go over to the nearest window and take a deep breath. Inhale all that beautiful scenery and the rain that never stops. OK, good, now we can all sit down.

There’s a couple things to mention. TiddlyWiki, the wiki template that we’re going to use, is just a tiddlied up, if you will, html document that opens in your web browser like any other. The person who designed TiddlyWiki says it works better in Firefox. I’m just repeating what I read. Please don’t shoot the messenger.

You can use your IE if you want. I’m not saying it won’t work. I’m just saying what the TiddlyWiki Master said. If it gives you trouble you have the option of switching to Firefox.


If you have any questions or problems, or just comments and better ways of doing things, please write them in the comments. This way we can try to keep up to each other in real time and move along more or less in sync.

Because TiddlyWiki is programmed partly with JavaScript you have to have JavaScript enabled in your browser for it to work. Most of us already do, but if you try to open TiddlyWiki and get a big ugly screaming message about it, that probably means you don’t and you need to turn it on. All you have to do is go here: How to enable JavaScript in a Web browser and follow the instructions for the browser you’re going to use.

How to test the above would be to download TiddlyWiki. Then double-click on it and it will open in your browser. See if that happens happily. If it does, you’re set for JLiki 2. If not, you have to enable JavaScript.

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