JLiki 2: TiddlyWiki Settings, AutoSave & SaveBackups

Check list from JLiki 1:

  • You’ve downloaded the latest version of TiddlyWiki.
  • Your choice of browser is happy with JavaScript.

I haven’t heard any blood-curdling screams so I presume we can safely move forward.

You’ll notice that the default name is ’empty.html’, so change that to something more appropriate. I’m calling mine ofh.html which stands for Our Family History.

If you have dual monitors this will be a piece of cake. You can open your blank TiddlyWiki in one window and this page in the other. You can also open the two windows on one monitor if it’s a wide-screen. Otherwise you’ll have to toggle back and forth which is still do-able just not the ultimate in fun.

First, more boring stuff. Open your TiddlyWiki and start by clicking ‘options’ in the right-side menu.

TiddlyWiki Options

You have to put in a name for yourself, otherwise each entry you make will start with a comma and then the date. Every entry starts with your name (or anything else you can think of to put there) and the date. I haven’t decided if that’s a good thing or not but it’s the default programming. (How to delete this line is explained in JLiki 6. Don’t worry about it for now.)

‘AutoSave’ will automatically overwrite your previous version with any changes. You don’t have to browse for the location to save it. TiddlyWiki knows where it lives and it will save in the right location automatically. It’s pretty aggressive in the way it functions, though, and you don’t have to use it. If you leave it off, TiddlyWiki will remind you each time to click ‘save changes’ if you forget.

I encourage you to keep a backup of your wiki on another drive. My recommendation is to make a folder for your wiki. Your project is going to become a busier place soon so you’ll be backing up all its contents, not just the wiki file.

If you tick ‘SaveBackups’ you will get a ream of extra files along with your original. Hundreds in a short time. The backups run one version behind what you’re working on. In other words, when you make a change and it then makes a backup, the backup will actually be what you had before you made the change. So you always continue working on your original file.

If, for some reason, you want to go back to a former version that will become your new working file and it will then start making backups of that backup. If you continue on in that vein, switching your working file the file-names will continue expanding across the page.  It’s a useful feature if you can keep straight about which file is which.  It’s not as screwball as it looks.

TiddlyWiki SaveBackups

You can keep all these backups in a folder in the same location as your wiki if you define that under ‘Advanced Options’. (It’s that little teeny option at the bottom of the blue box above.) This part is a little weird. Whatever name you choose for the backup folder will apply to all your wikis. If you keep different wikis in different locations around your computer, as I do, you will end up with the same number of corresponding backup folders with the same name, just in different locations.

Another quirk is that the backups date themselves in a time-zone 7 hours ahead of where I live, i.e. the other side of the Atlantic Ocean going East. That gives a clue where the TiddlyWiki Master lives. However, your computer should be able to give you the true modification dates and times if that’s important to you.

TiddlyWiki AdvancedOptions

For now, don’t worry about all the other wikis, because you just have one. By the time your hard-drive looks like it’s been taken over by TiddlyRabbits you’ll be onto this. It’s actually pretty handy. You just set it and forget it.

Since having more than one or two copies of everything is a good idea, the OFH Wiki folder on your C-drive can be backed up to an external hard-drive, another flash-drive or online backup. If you use Syncback (free) or some other program that lets you set up backup profiles, this makes it very efficient. It takes seconds a day to run and you don’t have to remember anything.

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One thought on “JLiki 2: TiddlyWiki Settings, AutoSave & SaveBackups

  1. realKibou

    If you got chrome and it’s doesn’t save the options, do this:

    Create new tiddler

    Give it title you like – i.e. ‘Optionsetter’

    And write what ever you want to set as content of that tiddler:

    config.options.txtUserName = “johnDoe”;
    config.options.chkAutoSave = true;
    config.option chkAutoSave = true;
    config.option chkRegExpSearch = true;
    config.option chkCaseSensitiveSearch = true;
    config.option chkAnimate = true;

    Add a special tag to the tiddler: systemConfig
    Click done
    Save changes
    Reload the page.


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