JLiki 9: Linking Multimedia Files

In JLiki 8, I showed how to link images to your wiki. You can link to any type of document or multimedia file: HTML, PDF, PPS, DOC, audio, video, whatever you have.  If you have the software to create it or open it, you can link to it.  TXT is OK;  RTF is really not unless you can make it open directly with something besides your browser. You might as well do something that looks better. You can just as easily save the page as HTML.

The links are made in this way:


URL links are made just as they are: http://www … etc

If you want the website name instead it’s done like this:

[[Website name|URL]]

HTML is in its native element in a browser and it will open directly. Some other files take an extra click to get there with a box that asks if you’d like to Open or Save. Unless you set your options to open directly without asking you every time. That puts everything on an even keel. Click=Open.

You can use reports from your database in a variety of formats, including scrapbook pages. It all depends how you’re set up and what you think would best fit in your story.

You can also paste charts directly into tiddlers, using triple brackets to preserve formatting:

Preserve Formatting, TiddlyWiki

You can create your own HTML pages using a free WYSIWYG editor called KompoZer. It’s pretty much like a word processor with a few quirks. Otherwise, you can create HTML pages in word processors like Microsoft Word, WordPerfect or OpenOffice.

The advantage of linking files is that it keeps your wiki small and fast-loading in your browser. No matter what types of files you use, you can easily edit or update them anytime. Once the links are made, they’re not changing unless you change them.

You can also keep other wikis in your folder and link to those. You can even link to specific tiddlers inside other wikis by using permalinks.

If you click on ‘more’ to the right of any tiddler, and then ‘permalink’ and take note of the address in your browser address bar, that’s what you link to.

Permalinks, TiddlyWiki

Also in this line up is ‘jump’. Depending what version you have it might be called ‘goto’. What that’s used for is when you have many tiddlers open at once and you want to jump to one without scrolling up the page or closing them all and starting over. Click ‘jump’ and it will give you a list of all the open tiddlers.

If your information changes to the point where you’d like to change a tiddler title, that can also be done. You can use Search to bring up all the ones that need to be changed. Or click ‘references’ and it will point to all tiddlers referenced by the wiki you’re presently viewing. It’s real handy for hunting missing tiddlers that shouldn’t be tiddlers at all. Most of them just need to be put into lower-case letters or preceded by ~ to get rid of them.

If you want to hide tiddlers use the excludeMissing tag for any you don’t want cluttering up your Missing tiddlers list.
excludeSearch tag for excluding items from Search
excludeLists tag to exclude tiddlers from other lists on the right

Now you know practically everything. All you have to do is search your database and your hard-drive for information on each of your people and write short summaries to get yourself focused. WikiWords and tags will loop the people and the stories together. Everything after this is icing on the cake.

Next time: JLiki 10, plugins

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