JLiki Invite: Classes Beginning Soon

We’re coming to a big fork in the road here. I don’t know what percentage of us are waiting for the Legacy 7 download. It could be by the middle of next week that we’re so involved in it we won’t have time to think of another thing for months.  Between rewriting our sources and pinpointing our locations, maybe years.

My travels this month have the potential of being life-altering in a big way so whither I goest from here may also be affected by that.

Anyway, I’ve been imagining something else for awhile. I have an idea to start JLiki classes. But that sounds so formal. More like JLiki Soup where we’re all in it together, in real-time as close as we can make that happen. A sort of relaxed country-style webinar. (Bring your fiddles and clogs.) Anyone who wants to can jump into class and start creating their own genealogy wiki.

I would keep it going by writing segments several days apart so you wouldn’t have to show up at any specific time, just in the general time-frame if you can. If you miss it altogether or get interested later the whole series would still be alive and well in the tag archives.

I will try to keep each segment short and underwhelming so you can maintain a slow but steady sense of progress. Wikis have a language of their own and it’s better if you keep your fingers in over the long-term rather than doing it intensely over a shorter period. I’ve already forgotten almost everything I knew so I will also be starting from scratch.

All you’ll need to bring is a flash-drive. It doesn’t have to be a big flash-drive, or a fancy flash-drive, just any old USB key will do. I don’t think drives under 256MB are even available anymore. You can purchase a 1GB for under $10 down at your local Walmart some weeks.

If you’d like to vote in the poll box to indicate whether this interests you, that would let me know if it’s worth keeping my thoughts on it. It would start the end of June at the earliest or not until the Fall, depending on how other things are going.

Please vote only once otherwise I’ll be confused and at my age … (you know how the saying goes)

(Poll Ended.)

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