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Family Tree is coming, in all its technical glory. They say. I have faith. And then we’ll be able to share our data in a happier way.

I’m smitten and here’s some reasons you should be too.

First of all, these are the Mormons. And no matter how obsessed you think you are about family history, the Mormons have you beat. Religious fervor trumps ordinary obsession any day. Just look at the history of the world.

They are spending a huge amount of time, energy and money scanning and indexing records everywhere and they’re doing it for free as far as the rest of us are concerned.

All they want in return is for us to share the history we know to help create a pedigree chart of the dead people of the world. Considering the number of records that we can find in their free database I think this is a pretty fair deal.

The other day I was sending some of my ancestors over there using the Legacy/nFS integration and one of my peeps, Gladys, linked into someone else’s long line through her husband.

And then it occurred to me that the contributor of that line might have a photograph of my Gladys. I have a couple but they’re iffy. Might be Gladys, might not be. One of them says it is. But once a woman in her 90’s identified one of my great-grandfathers as one of my great-great grandfathers up a different line. It can happen. If I wanted to I could email the person who linked into ‘my’ line and ask.

FamilySearch doesn’t claim to own the data I contribute; it keeps my name intact as ‘contributor’ for anything I contribute to the tree. And likewise for everyone else. And our email addresses so interested parties can contact each other for more information or to argue a point if they disagree.

Many hands can do this in a way that one cannot.

nFS: Share Data

nFS, Share Data

In Legacy Family Tree: After you’ve identified people in your database already connected to new FamilySearch and combined any duplicates, you’re now ready for the Share Data screen. Before receiving data from nFS, the first place to head is over to the information buttons along the right-hand side. You might (!) want to write to the other compiler(s) about their sources before you download their data to your genealogy program.

Information buttons, nFS

This is where you’ll find compiler information for each data field. If there is any.

Contributors, Legacy FamilySearch

There’s only one person under ‘Contributors’ here with an email address (blurred to protect the innocent) and if I click on it, it will start an email and I can ask her about possible photos.

Or I could click on the ID number for Gladys’ husband and go directly to his place in the nFS pedigree chart on my other monitor. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about running two monitors this could push you over the edge.

And then I can click on Individual sources to see what’s there. And there isn’t anything.


So, now I can write to her.

Right now, I’m not seeing the same information over at Family Tree but I assume it will all be intact, albeit in a different way, soon.

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