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DNA Testing by Ancestry.com

Ancestry DNA For awhile it was looking like Renee Zamora and I might be cousins. She descends from a Harris family in New York, and so do I.  Same county, 1700’s. The odds were fair to middlin’.

A Harris cousin of mine got one of our Harris boys to take a DNA test for the paternal lineage.  That wasn’t easy.  He had some fear that his DNA would be used to clone him in the future. When he finally admitted it, my cousin snapped back, “Who would want to clone you? You’re 70 years old!”

So she got her sample, sent it off to the lab and got back the results which knocked out every theory we’ve held dear so far.  Seems our closest match had an ancestor in South Carolina.

DNA Testing by Ancestry.com doesn’t mention cloning … hmmm … Read the fine print.  They say they offer ‘complimentary’ storage but they don’t offer ‘secure’ storage.  Hello?