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Research Guidance | Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family TreeIf you’re not using Legacy’s Research Guidance, you’re missing half the show.

I’ve been missing half the show. Research Guidance, as the name suggests, is about being organized. I tried it when Legacy 6.0 first came out and gave it up because it made me claustrophobic. All of my family history has been put together so far by my being chronically side-tracked. I am genetically incapable of working in a straight line. In Grade Two I was chastised for putting curly-cues on my handwriting. Continue reading

EverNote 2.2: Filing Your Research & Correspondence

EverNote 2.2When I found EverNote and got with the program, as they say, most of my digital chaos ended.

Most of us have random collections of this, that and everything on our computers. And when I started doing genealogy research my chaos increased exponentially. I spent days and weeks inventing and re-inventing and re-organizing my “notes from everywhere” around myriad systems.

Continue reading