Evernote 3

by JL Beeken on 9-29-2008

EverNote 3I’ve been dragging my feet about upgrading to Evernote 3. EverNote 2 is still available for download but they’ve dropped it on its head and someday it will be gone. Life without Evernote of some kind is unfathomable.

… [continued]

Research Guidance | Legacy Family Tree

by JL Beeken on 5-01-2008

Legacy Family TreeIf you’re not using Legacy’s Research Guidance, you’re missing half the show.

I’ve been missing half the show. Research Guidance, as the name suggests, is about being organized. I tried it when Legacy 6.0 first came out and gave it up because it made me claustrophobic. All of my family history has been put together so far by my being chronically side-tracked. I am genetically incapable of working in a straight line. In Grade Two I was chastised for putting curly-cues on my handwriting. … [continued]

The invitations to Evernote 3 remind me of a story from my childhood.

When I was a kid, there was a contest on the radio that went something like this: … [continued]

EverNote 2I started using EverNote back when it was barely out of the womb and for awhile I was a beta-tester. Since then they have been adding features and leaping on ahead of what I’ve learned so far, and so fast I can’t keep up. … [continued]

Notes: ATNotes & ActionOutline

by JL Beeken on 2-25-2007

ActionOutlineMy mind ticks away on dozens of different plans, problems, ideas and possible solutions. If yet another useful thought whizzes by I have to snatch it in a nano-second or it’s gone. If this sounds familiar, enter lowly post-it notes.

… [continued]

EverNote 2.2When I found EverNote and got with the program, as they say, most of my digital chaos ended.

Most of us have random collections of this, that and everything on our computers. And when I started doing genealogy research my chaos increased exponentially. I spent days and weeks inventing and re-inventing and re-organizing my “notes from everywhere” around myriad systems.

… [continued]