JLog’s 5th Anniversary

by JL Beeken on 10-18-2011

As JLog passes its 5th anniversary I have to say – We’ve come a long way. Or maybe I’ve come a long way and you’ve just been humoring me by being good sports. … [continued]

Being able to highlight documents that are in an image format is sometimes desirable.

For instance, if you have birth certificates from those old hand-written or typewriter-typed books or passenger lists. And you’d like to save your remaining eyesight for worthier pursuits than searching the same names over and over. … [continued]

Christmas Family Tree: FastStone & Adobe

by JL Beeken on 12-14-2007

Let’s say it’s about the middle of December and you haven’t been paying any attention to the fact that Christmas is coming. But you’re starting to think maybe you should. Except it’s cold outside, your car’s buried under two feet of snow, you’re broke and, frankly, you’d rather look up census records than shop anyway. What you really need about now is something to save you from yourself.

… [continued]

Assuming you’ve gone ahead and made some collages in your free time, another thing you can do with them, of course, is put them into slideshows. I also use collage a lot in my Passage Express projects to break up the tedium of the text. It’s an easy way to interject some color and keep my viewers awake. Our ancestors did not actually live in an endless atmosphere of black, white and sepia.

… [continued]

Now that it’s November, should we start thinking about how to turn our genealogy files into Christmas presents? … again.

… [continued]

IPTC: Comparing Options

by JL Beeken on 8-18-2007

IPTC (a standard set by the International Press Telecommunications Council) is one method of photo organization. This is the closest thing we have to a standard for embedding information in digital photographs. You know, all that stuff people write on the backs of the paper ones, or anything else you’d like to add. … [continued]

Photo Viewers: FastStone & Picasa

by JL Beeken on 1-26-2007

If my computer was an ocean I could accurately say I am swimming in photographs.

If you are still using Windows Explorer as a photo viewer, there are better ways.

… [continued]

Screen Capture: Saving Images & Text

by JL Beeken on 12-19-2006

Recently I met a couple who didn’t know they have a Print Screen button on their keyboard. In fact they swore up and down there was no such thing because if it was there they would have seen it. They’ve had a computer in their home for 20 years.

I’m not saying this is a rampant situation, but just in case …

… [continued]