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Surname Filing, MRINs & Photo Collections: MRIN Folders, Part 3

As per the last post about filing everything, all files are now sorted into MRIN folders.

The main disadvantage to MRIN Filing is that family lines become separated by number. If you’re used to surname filing and being able to quickly find the files of a family group, it’s going to be a challenge. Continue reading

EverNote 2.2 Clipper Workaround, Part 1

EverNote 2.2The following was submitted for posting by a regular JLog reader. It addresses compatibility issues with the EverNote 2.2 clipper button. The purpose of the workaround is to be able to paste directly to EverNote as was possible in earlier browser versions.

I haven’t tried it yet. Please report back if you do. I have installed click.to and it looks simple enough to work with. Even if you’re not interested in EverNote 2.2click.to is a fascinating and useful tool. Continue reading

Genealogy Filing: Taking Inventory, Part 2

So are you done taking an inventory of your genealogy files? Seriously. All of them.

Writing about it has helped to focus me in getting to the parts that were/are stuck. As I’ve made changes I’ve also changed my post about taking inventory so if you’re trying to follow that exactly, and I’m sure you’re not, it’s been updated several times. Continue reading