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How To Save Websites With Scrapbook, A Firefox Extension

FirefoxEver wish you could save websites? I mean, conveniently.

Firefox has an add-on called Scrapbook that will help you do exactly that. If you’re not using Scrapbook you’re missing out. It will allow you to save entire websites, single pages or parts of pages. Before or after saving, you can highlight sections and add your own notes. You can combine pages in any order you like and you can back up your work. If you don’t have Firefox, you will have to install it first.

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Scrapbook Extension: Saving Websites

A letter from a reader recommending the Scrapbook extension for Firefox:

Hey there!

First let me say that I love your blog. I’m a software junkie myself, although here in the last year or so, I haven’t been as active in trying out new programs, so I’m very grateful when someone like you who has similar interests like me ( e.g., genealogy and software) talks about the programs that clutter his computer. 🙂

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IE & Firefox

I thank everyone who sent Christmas wishes and uplifting comments on the new blog. Back again. And welcome to the new and simpler page design. Hopefully, simple enough to keep the web browsers happy.

I may have given the impression that I like Firefox, and maybe don’t like Internet Explorer so much. I feel compelled to explain. Some people have devoted entire websites to their problems with Internet Explorer. But I’ll just give you my little piece of the story.

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