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Searching Files

For those still floundering in genealogy file overload and general disorganization—

The general file challenge breaks down into 3 parts: naming your files, organizing your files and searching your files. And then, if you have any time left over, linking them to your genealogy database. And if you’re really far ahead of the game, doing creative projects with them.

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Google Search

Google SearchThe actual numbers are unknown to anyone except Google but there are guesses. How many searches are done on Google every day? The guesses range from 200 million to 10 billion. And a very, very … very small percentage of those searches lead to this website.

But nevertheless my own statistics are interesting … to me. The most popular Google search queries, by far, leading to JLog in 2008 were:

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Desktop Search: Copernic & Google

If you don’t have desktop search software yet, this is a real handy item. A desktop search engine will index every file on your hard-drive and external drives, or any part thereof you choose, and bring up a list of search results faster than you can type in a complete word. They’re extremely useful for finding things on your computer, things you’re looking for or things you don’t know you even have.

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