CarboniteYou’ve now heard about how Windows Live Photo Gallery applied false GPS co-ordinates to 10,000 of my photographs. Then you heard about how WLPG also damaged the EXIF on those photos.

Now for some better news. … [continued]

GeoSetter: GPS & IPTC

by JL Beeken on 11-03-2010

If you’re interested in adding IPTC and GPS to your photos and you also need something for free, GeoSetter is the program. It’s been around for a long time and it’s very good. … [continued]

Photo Annotation: Scanfest Follow-Up

by JL Beeken on 10-31-2010

As a follow up to the most recent Scanfest I’d like to lay out in more detail some of the options for photo annotation in particular. No matter what I’ve said about annotation in the past, (and I’ve said a lot) it’s better you read from the present backwards.

It’s been a learning process for me too and some things I’ve tried in the past, and might have even liked at the time, I wouldn’t go back to. … [continued]

Windows Live Photo Gallery GPS Nightmare

by JL Beeken on 10-26-2010

Windows LiveIgnore this post at your peril.

Basically, I like Windows Live Photo Gallery. Or, at least I did until about two hours ago. It’s impressive after the single viewer window in XP with zero options. It’s a major endeavour. If IPTC is your thing they’re still in kindergarten but it has its good points.

But, listen close. This really is as bad as it looks. … [continued]

How To Add Or Edit GPS With ExifTool

by JL Beeken on 7-14-2010

ExifTool is a command-line application for reading, writing and editing metadata. ExifToolGUI is essentially ExifTool but with a user-friendly interface which has the ability to view all metadata, edit the most frequently used metadata and modify files using batch-mode.

2014 update: The ExifToolGUI interface has changed considerably since I wrote this post. If you’re looking for your available GPS options here, see ExifToolGUI for Windows v5.xx. Frankly, I find it much simpler to use GeoSetter which is also based on Phil Harvey’s ExifTool.

… [continued]

Photo Mechanic

by JL Beeken on 12-20-2009

Photo MechanicAnyone else over the Moon about Photo Mechanic or is it just me? I’ve gotten more photo work done in the past 2 weeks working at it part-time than I have in the entire two years previous staying up all night. It makes me wonder what I was doing all that time. I decided my time is worth more than 2¢ an hour, and it was time to invest $150 and git ‘er done.

If you’re looking to annotate your photos for searching and the edification of future generations, this is it. Photo Mechanic is sublime. Every time I look I find another useful feature. Here’s some of my favorites so far:

… [continued]

Old Floor Plans

by JL Beeken on 12-11-2009

Google EarthI’m on a search for old floor plans from my past and, coincidentally, someone came looking on this site today for “how to see inside my house with Google Earth”. That’s pretty funny.

… [continued]

Making Scents of the Past

by JL Beeken on 9-27-2009

I wrote a really funny piece yesterday called Making Scents of the Past. A different one. O boy, sometimes I just crack myself up. But by the time I went to bed I was pretty well sobered. There’s a big difference between dredging up records of the already-deceased and chasing memories of the still-living. … [continued]

Google PicasaPicasa 3 has been out for awhile and has lots of fun new features. Today, I’ll look at geotagging.

… [continued]

Google Maps: Street View

by JL Beeken on 2-22-2008

Google MapsMarlo Schuldt of Heritage Collector sent me two emails about this.

And this will give some people pause. Google is photographing houses. If not yours yet, someday.

… [continued]