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Cracking KeePass

KeePass Password SafeFor the past couple of months, at least 30 people having been showing up at JLog every week asking how to crack KeePass. I don’t know if you’re wondering if it’s possible or if you’re hoping I can tell you how to do it.

So, for the 30 who will be showing up every week forevermore if this present rhythm continues, I will tell you everything I know.

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KeePass Security: Keep Your Passwords Safe

KeePassYou may recall I recently explained how to use KeePass. It’s pretty simple, I think you would have found.

For security, I also suggested putting a copy on a flash-drive that you can travel with so you have a spare away from your home. This is good for a couple of reasons. If something happens to your home, you’ve got all your important numbers with you. If you were to be traveling and lose your wallet you’d have all your card numbers with you so you can cancel them quickly. Might as well toss all your emergency banking phone numbers in KeePass too so they’re handy. Where to call when you lose things.

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Password Manager: KeePass Password Safe Review

KeePass Password SafeHow do you manage your passwords? I used to keep mine in EverNote, in Firefox and printed on 15 pages in a binder. There’s a much easier way and it’s called KeePass.

It’s free. Download and open KeePass Portable. You might as well. This way you can also keep a backup of it on a USB key and carry it around with you. If your house disappears for some reason, you’ll still have a copy. If you disappear while you’re out, there’s still a copy at home that your executors might need. Continue reading