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Dia: Draw Your Plans

DiaThis is yet another segment on organizing notes. If you need a way to draw them, try Dia.

One of the most irritating things I’ve been doing to waste computer-time is writing notes and schematics on small scraps of paper. I don’t know when this started and how long it’s gone on but it does seem like forever. Continue reading

Lightning: Thunderbird Plugin For Calendar & To-Do’s

ThunderbirdWhile I’ve been not working on my genealogy, I came across something that delights me to no end. Lightning calendar and to-do list plugin that integrates with my Thunderbird email.

I get around 200 emails a day so I spend a lot of time there. It was so long ago I don’t remember why I switched from Outlook Express but it works well and I’d never go back. Having a calendar and t0-do list alongside my email is the perfect place for them.

Continue reading