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PDF Editors | PDF Creativity

PDF editors can be used for adding notes, text boxes, links, highlights, shapes, watermarks, images and more.

Before there was Passage Express I couldn’t imagine organizing so many files and types of files for presentation.

Then, in the middle of the night it came to me. I would create Descendants Book reports in PDF and attach other files in the margin. This way a reader could take a side-trip to look at maps, photos, slideshows, related stories, or even listen to me talk, and then come back to the main body of work without getting lost.

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EverNote 2.2: Filing Your Research & Correspondence

EverNote 2.2When I found EverNote and got with the program, as they say, most of my digital chaos ended.

Most of us have random collections of this, that and everything on our computers. And when I started doing genealogy research my chaos increased exponentially. I spent days and weeks inventing and re-inventing and re-organizing my “notes from everywhere” around myriad systems.

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