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IPTC: Picasa & Tags

Google PicasaAnother caveat for all you Picasa lovers. If you have keywords embedded in photos outside Picasa do not expect Picasa to know that unless they’re JPGs.

You can double your work by adding tags (keywords) to your TIFFs in Picasa too. It’s a fun thing to do because Picasa will then allow you to search them. But, unless you are 100% done with your ‘real’ photo work and have time to add this as icing to your cake, I would discourage you from wasting your time on it. Continue reading

Picasa Backup: Protect Your Face-tagging & Geotagging

PicasaAwhile ago I recommended Picasa 3 to you. It’s fun and interesting and all that but there’s a little problem with backups. Picasa does offer the option of backing up your entire photo collection but it’s labour-intensive, inefficient and redundant. If you’ve been paying any attention at all, you should already be keeping at least one up-to-date backup of your entire photo collection. The issue here is backing up the work you do in Picasa. Continue reading

Photo Organization

Email from a reader:

I have studied all your postings on digital photo organization. I am at a brick wall and I need some help.

I have been using Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0. I like the way it functions. However, for some reason, it keeps crashing on my computer. I believe this is because the program was written such a long time ago that XP is having difficulty with it.

Continue reading