by JL Beeken on 2-12-2011

PortableAppsIf you’re not using PortableApps yet, there are more portable apps than you would believe and there are more being made all the time. I run as many as I can. You can literally carry around most of the software you need in portable versions. Occasionally I clean out my collection because I gather many more than I can use. Some of them I use daily. … [continued]

New Portable Apps: Gramps & Marble

by JL Beeken on 12-16-2010

PortableAppsHere are a couple of new portable apps that might interest you. If you already have the PortableApps Platform installed, you already know how that works. One click on the paf.exe file and an app is added to your menu. All completely free. … [continued]

Cameyo: Build Your Own Portable Apps

by JL Beeken on 9-15-2010

If you’re a fan of portable apps, this will probably interest you.

Cameyo is a virtualization application that turns ordinary software installations into portable versions. … [continued]

Here’s a nifty little tool for editing PDFs in case you need one. PDF-XChange Viewer. It’s portable and free.

PDF-XChange Viewer

It’s not absolutely everything but it will take you quite far.

PortableApps In Dropbox

by JL Beeken on 2-08-2010

PortableAppsYou can install PortableApps anywhere so why not direct into your Dropbox?

The last time I ran TuneUp Utilities it told me I had 179 programs installed on my computer and suggested that I uninstall a few of them because they’re bogging me down.

When I bought this computer three years ago, it was like a Ferrari compared to my laptop. But as the months went on it got slower and slower which I thought was due to my brain going faster and faster through practice. So I’m not sure too many programs are to blame and when I looked down the list there couldn’t have been more than five I thought I could live without. … [continued]

Portable Apps, Part 2

by JL Beeken on 9-05-2007

PortableAppsI mentioned portable apps before. I’d like to go back over it in more detail as I find them so darn handy.

I don’t travel much so I don’t have a regular reason for carrying my software around in my pocket, but there’s another way to use them. Right on my hard-drive.

… [continued]

TiddlyWiki: Versatile Note-Taker or Journal

by JL Beeken on 12-05-2006

Speaking of portable applications, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried TiddlyWiki. This is a fascinating thing that can turn cartwheels for you.

… [continued]

Portable Apps

by JL Beeken on 12-03-2006

PortableAppsPortable Apps are applications that can be carried on any kind of portable device – USB key, external hard-drive, iPod, etc. requiring no installation in your operating system. Un-installing is as simple as deleting the folders they live in. These are not mini-versions of your software, they’re the real deal, just as they exist on your hard-drive.

… [continued]