Sharing Files

Hightail: Back Up, Share & Email Files

by JL Beeken on 1-26-2014

HightailNowadays, online file back up and sharing is ubiquitous. When I wrote this post about YouSendIt almost 7 years ago, it was a big deal. In the interim YouSendIt became Hightail and added mobile apps and access as well. For the sake of present relevance, here it is again in a refreshed format.
… [continued]

I recently inherited a ‘multimedia’ folder – an assortment of over 7,000 photos and records with virtually no identification. … [continued]

Sharing Genealogy | Legacy Family Tree

by JL Beeken on 6-16-2012

Legacy Family TreeI have another idea about sharing genealogy.

I’ve had a few members of my immediate family express interest in the ‘family history’. Now, that may seem simple to them but I’m not sure what they mean and I get a brain twist going on every time. … [continued]

Screen-Sharing With Skype

by JL Beeken on 2-07-2012

(If you’re wondering why screen-sharing with Skype seems it doesn’t work for free anymore, it’s because Skype counts your webcam and your screen-share as two different videos and you can only have one. So you have to turn your webcam off if you want to use screen-share. Under Call, choose Video and Stop Video.)

Between my cousin, Sam, and my other Cuz I’ve pretty much got a full-time job here.

They’ve both got themselves set up with Skype so we can spend a lot of time screen-sharing. … [continued]

SugarSyncSugarSync is yet another online backup and file sync option. Here are the top ten reasons you should use it.

  1. Back up and secure your data (you never know when your computer will crash)
  2. Access all of your files on the go (from any browser or mobile phone)
  3. Share entire folders and collaborate on projects … [continued]

The last post on running Legacy from Dropbox on my two computers led me to thinking this might also be able be used as an alternative to IntelliShare. I believe the concept of IntelliShare was probably put together prior to the ease of online file-sharing. It seems so obvious now I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. … [continued]

Public Dropbox Folder

by JL Beeken on 10-10-2011

DropboxTo answer some common questions: How to put something in someone’s Dropbox folder? How to access a public Dropbox folder? How to get into someone’s Dropbox? How to find people on Dropbox? … [continued]

IntelliShare: Having Your Cake, Part 2

by JL Beeken on 9-29-2011

The ongoing post-Intellishare adventures with Cuz. It’s a good thing I’ve never tried to make a living as a diplomat. While I’d be thinking about how to make all the people happy all the time the situation would be long gone and I’d be left standing in the dust still thinking. … [continued]

Legacy Family Tree IntelliShare takes compromise, no question about it.

You have to agree on location formats, date formats, source citation formats and notes/event entry. At the very least. … [continued]

Legacy Family TreeAfter a couple days of thinking about the IntelliShare failure and the reasons, I came up with another idea.

First of all, I think IntelliShare is a great idea put forth by people who have been doing genealogy from birth and they probably know what they’re talking about. … [continued]