Slideshow Using IPTC, EXIF & GPS

by JL Beeken on 3-01-2011

If you’ve been following along and getting your photos embedded with IPTC captions, keywords, locations, copyrights, etc. you will also be able to share this information by creating slideshows. … [continued]

Assuming you’ve gone ahead and made some collages in your free time, another thing you can do with them, of course, is put them into slideshows. I also use collage a lot in my Passage Express projects to break up the tedium of the text. It’s an easy way to interject some color and keep my viewers awake. Our ancestors did not actually live in an endless atmosphere of black, white and sepia.

… [continued]

I’m still back in the dinosaur age with slideshows.

My computer does not have a DVD-drive and it only has a 30 GB hard-drive so movies and videos are pretty much out of range here. Don’t know much about them really. … [continued]