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Mind Mapping & The Action Machine, Part 2

The Action MachineOnly as far back as June, I was worried that mind maps are not the best place for my to-do lists. When actually they’re the perfect place for my to-do lists. I just had too many of them.

It was before I consolidated my 41 mind maps into other things: Research Toolbox, Software and Webstream. Before I dragged and dropped everything else into OneNote. Continue reading

The Action Machine Diary, Day 6

The Action MachineThere’s the paperwork of the dead and then, there’s the paperwork of the living.

Yesterday I was on a roll with The Action Machine and the READ ME files, going into the second hour, just beetling along feeling confident to get through another two hours of other tasks. I had just finished a long document, was in the middle of printing out two pages when my 7-year old printer decided to die. I only print a few pages per year so I don’t know what its problem was all of a sudden. Continue reading