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JLiki Postscript

After more than a month harping on about JLiki I feel like I must have been talking in a vacuum. I know some of you read through from beginning to end but it’s so quiet out there. (I expected a parade.)

After almost two years of thinking out loud this feels like the end of the road for me, organization-wise. My genealogy computer life has gone from increasingly complicated to flat-out simple in about a minute. In the end my main interest is output because why else am I doing this? If just to entertain myself it wouldn’t be enough. Everything else is on the path to getting there.

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JLiki 9: Linking Multimedia Files

In JLiki 8, I showed how to link images to your wiki. You can link to any type of document or multimedia file: HTML, PDF, PPS, DOC, audio, video, whatever you have.  If you have the software to create it or open it, you can link to it.  TXT is OK;  RTF is really not unless you can make it open directly with something besides your browser. You might as well do something that looks better. You can just as easily save the page as HTML.

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JLiki 8: Linking Images

As explained in JLiki 6, there are two ways of adding content to your wiki; directly through tiddlers or through linking files. Sometimes you’ll want to add a photo to a tiddler. And sometimes you’ll want to link to external albums and other documents. So it’s time to start talking about making links.

First, you need to think about where you’re going to gather your material. Previously, I made three folders; docs, images, and albums.

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