Tracfone SIM: International Travelers

by JL Beeken on 5-16-2012

TracfoneTracfone is a pay-and-talk service that works in the U.S. only. It’s illegal to try to make it work anywhere else. … [continued]

Beware of Tracfone, Part 2

by JL Beeken on 4-16-2011

TracfoneWhen I left this saga, Tracfone was mailing a SIM card to a hotel in the U.S. Traveling through the U.S. without a phone, and fortunately without need of one, I arrived at said hotel and found the SIM card waiting for me. … [continued]

Foreigners, Beware of Tracfone

by JL Beeken on 4-02-2011

TracfoneForeigners, from the U.S. point of view.

I was so impressed when someone’s U.S. Tracfone saved the day when I had a flat-tire. So I bought one of my own for future travels in the U.S. I thought, gee, how smart and organized of me. … [continued]

TracFone: U.S. Prepaid Cellular Service

by JL Beeken on 10-08-2009

TracfoneA little journey south of the border the other day introduced me to TracFone.

I had a flat-tire. I had just passed a road sign that told me I was halfway to my destination. So, I was in the middle of somewhere and heading off in either direction would have been the same except, apparently, I wasn’t going anywhere at all. … [continued]