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Screen-Sharing With Skype

(If you’re wondering why screen-sharing with Skype seems it doesn’t work for free anymore, it’s because Skype counts your webcam and your screen-share as two different videos and you can only have one. So you have to turn your webcam off if you want to use screen-share. Under Call, choose Video and Stop Video.)

Between my cousin, Sam, and my other Cuz I’ve pretty much got a full-time job here.

They’ve both got themselves set up with Skype so we can spend a lot of time screen-sharing. Continue reading

Adobe Flash Player

If you are using Internet Explorer and notice large gaps on some pages of this website and wonder what they are, they’re videos. If you’d like to see them, install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. It’s free and it will take only a few seconds. Otherwise, switch to Firefox. Firefox will tell you when you need a plug-in instead of leaving you in a hole.