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If you are using Internet Explorer and notice large gaps on some pages of this website and wonder what they are, they’re videos. If you’d like to see them, install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. It’s free and it will take only a few seconds. Otherwise, switch to Firefox. Firefox will tell you when you need a plug-in instead of leaving you in a hole.

One thought on “Adobe Flash Player

  1. Brian Ritholtz

    I reformatted my computer today, and I just finished reinstalling all of the programs i can’t live without (Media Monkey, VLC, Firefox, uTorrent, you get the idea.) For some reason I think I remember that I had found an alternative to installing Adobe Flash Player. I really dislike Adobe Flash, though I’m sure its for stupid and mostly superficial reasons. Does anyone have any idea of an alternative? (not the one microsoft just came out with either.)


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