Balmy and It’s Only November

Today was nice, about 25 degrees Fahrenheit, snowing and practically balmy. Lovely day, really.

Speaking of balmy, I might be heading in that direction. But, first the story …

I got up this morning, did a few of the usual things like eating breakfast. Then I decided to go out so I shut my computer off. Part of the ritual, if I’m going out, is to unplug the external hard-drive and put it into a belly bag strapped around my undershirt. Yes, in Canada, we wear undershirts. Sexy is anything flannel with less than 8 buttons. (I stole that line from somewhere. Somewhere, thank-you.)

First I shoveled some snow because that comes with the territory. If I want to get out my door there’s snow to shovel. Then I cleared the snow off the car, also necessary for forward movement. And I had a million dollar hardware idea while I was doing that. Someone should start selling cars that have windshield wipers on all the windows. Yes? If you live north of Florida you know about loony-toon snowflakes. The ones the size of your hand that stick to car windows like glue? You can wipe them off but they just keep on coming.

Each blade could sit in a recessed compartment. At the click of a button, little flaps would open and the wipers would rise vertically and go up and down on the windows until you turn them off. I think this would be a huge hit with the over-50 crowd because we’ve seen way too many snowflakes to think that snow-brushes are fun.

As I was driving along, I was listening to a show on the car radio about war atrocities and the narrator describing in horrifying detail things that people did to other people who weren’t dead yet. I was thinking I have to turn this off because it’s making me sick and I might not sleep tonight thinking about it. And then he changed the subject to philosophical analysis about just and unjust wars.

Pretty soon, it was time to get out of my car. That was the best part. I bought some more carpeting to staple to the walls of my apartment, like I said I was going to, bought another ceramic heater, threw in a package of AAA batteries because I was feeling extravagant, chatted with an old friend I haven’t seen in about 10 years, and came home again.

I turned my computer back on and, to my utter shock, my dead monitor turned on.

If you haven’t been following this, one of my monitors died on Monday night. It’s now Friday. Starting Monday night, and then Tuesday and Wednesday and half of Thursday was spent testing and re-testing this monitor for any signs of life.

I switched the DVI with the VGA half a dozen times. I switched the power cables at one end and then the other end. Several times. I rebooted several times. I begged, I pleaded. Then I got out my laptop and hooked it up to make sure it wasn’t a system problem. No go there either.

I called a local tech and sucked every available piece of monitor-assessing information out of him. Then I broke down and ordered a new monitor through Amazon. With tax, almost $400, gag me with a spoon. This morning, before I went out, I got an email saying, “Your order has been shipped.” Great. It will here about Tuesday because I was desperate and paid for priority shipping.

I meant to put the dead monitor back in its box yesterday and set it outside til I find out where I’m supposed to dispose of it. I hadn’t gotten around to it yet because of doing this surviving-in-the-cold thing.

I’m feeling a little creepy. I’ll just let you ponder that.

6 thoughts on “Balmy and It’s Only November

  1. Renee Zamora

    I wonder if your monitor was effected by the cold in your apartment? We once moved in the winter and when I started my washer after hooking it up, it made terrible noises and didn’t work. We found out that it needed to warm up, just like our car, after being so cold.

    1. JL Post author

      OMG, that’s brilliant! I should write my problems for my readers more often. Between you and Lester’s fix for my PDF editor

      OK, I guess I can relax now. I’ve been living in fear all evening that the next time I boot up it won’t be there (again) …

  2. Susan

    I’ve been following your epic struggles with hardware, software, weather and just have to say it’s beginning to read like a Stephen King novel. Creepy is the word. Of course, that makes you the hero of the piece.

    1. JL Post author

      You know what they say, whatever (read: hardware, software, weather) doesn’t kill you will just make you stronger (read: seriously debilitate you for the rest of your life.)

      The resurrected monitor is dead again this morning. If Renee’s theory is correct it may be particularly sensitive to cold and I will have to wrap it in a blankie at night.

      I’m confused, though. It’s Saturday morning. The upstairs neighbs have been up for awhile making themselves comfortable heat-wise. There’s a furnace vent about 3 feet above the monitor’s head. Granted, it’s never blasting heat.

      I was planning to start on the photo sorting today but that’s not going to work, obviously.

      1. JL Post author

        4:12 PM – Switched the power cables and we’re back in business – two monitors. The resolutions are different though. You must realize this makes no sense. So, don’t take it as a ‘tech tip’ or anything.


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