Directory List & Print

Directory List & PrintThis is genius. Directory List & Print. I’ve often been looking for something that will do exactly this – print a list of folder contents. I’ve always ended up taking a screenshot instead.

Directory List & Print

Your choice of output to clipboard, Excel or Word. You can copy the contents to the clipboard and paste them anywhere; a text file or mind map, for instance. Otherwise you can open the results directly in Word or Excel.

Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7. This is a portable application; no installation necessary.

$20 USD for a Pro license with many additional features.

  • Save own directory favorites.
  • Set directory recursion depth for subdirectories.
  • Display of file attributes such as Read Only, Hidden, System, etc.
  • Calculate CRC32 checksums for files.
  • Display format of audio/video and image files.
  • Display of dimensions like width, height, bit depth, dpi or frames/s.
  • Display duration and title of audio and video files.
  • Display of sampling and bit rates for audio files.
  • Display of a continuous numbering of the objects.
  • Display of column titles in the first row.
  • Show number and sum of size and length of the displayed objects.
  • Display of the date in many different international formats.
  • Display the duration of media files in different time formats.
  • Set filter to include or exclude certain file types.
  • Set filter to include or exclude files and directories by certain terms.
  • Set filter on length of filenames, eg. to analyze the file system when copying it
  • to a new directory structure (path+filename, filename only, >, =, <).
  • Output the list directly to the default printer.
  • Output the list in comma- or tab-delimited file or CSV file.
  • Linking of files and directories in Excel™ for direct open by mouse click.

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