Ditto Clipboard: Copy & Paste Simplified

Are you still doing copy & paste without a clipboard extender?

I use mine, Ditto, dozens of times a day.  Every time I select and Copy anything, almost anywhere on my computer, the text or image is added to the Ditto clipboard.

Sometimes I want to copy several things in a row without pasting in between. With the Windows clipboard we’re limited to one clip at a time. With Ditto we can have as many as we want.

Keyboard Shortcuts

After Ditto is installed, set a keyboard shortcut for opening the clipboard. You can also open it by clicking the icon in the system tray but this is faster. Put your cursor in the top box and click the key combination you want to use from now on.

Ditto Clipboard Options

Ditto Options

When you click your hotkey combination the clipboard will open. Incidentally, Ctrl + ` is the shortcut for screen capture in Picasa so you might want to choose something else. I use Ctrl+Q.

Ditto Clipboard


You paste by double-clicking an entry, dragging and dropping it to the desired location or by clicking the Enter button when you have the desired clip highlighted.

Set the Maximum Number of Saved Copies in the clipboard.  It’s set by default to 500.  What this means is that you’ll get a very long list of clips that need to be deleted every other day.  Chances are you won’t re-use most of them.  I find 10 to be plenty.

Ditto Clipboard

Setting Up Groups

If you have clips that you want to re-use, you can make folders for them.  Any clip in the list with an asterisk next to it belongs to one of your folders.  Anything collected beyond your Maximum Number of Saved Copies, except for what’s in your folders, will delete when you close and re-open the clipboard or restart your computer.

Ditto Clipboard

You can also search for clips. Each letter you type will narrow the list.

If you need to edit a clip you can do that, too.

Ditto Clipboard

If you’re using Firefox, there’s an extension called AutoCopy. Simply selecting text or an image in your browser will copy it to your computer clipboard. No Ctrl+C required. It also sends to Ditto but text only.

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