Electromagnetic Radiation

We love our computers and our cellphones and our other gadgets and we’d rather not know what electromagnetic radiation is doing to us.

Maybe if we just close our eyes it’ll all work out ok.

At midnight, in the privacy of my office, when I was the only person in the neighbourhood to have my lights still on, I checked my laptop for available Internet connections and I got 20. In my little neighbourhood, I could (if I knew the passwords) connect to 20 other computers.

Two hours earlier the number was also 20. Apparently no-one turns off their computer when they go to bed.

The average range of a wireless modem (I read somewhere, perhaps someone could confirm or deny) is 150 feet indoors and 300 feet outside. For each computer. Times 20. That’s how much electromagnetic radiation from other peoples’ computers is pummeling my body around the clock whether I want it or not.

Although my ISP provides us all with wireless modems by default I don’t actually need one. I use a desktop computer, don’t have a tablet and only turn my laptop on at home once a month to back up files to it.

The jury’s still out on the health effects of electromagnetic radiation but some say it has a part to play in headaches, chronic fatigue, sterility, cataracts, fibromyalgia, a laundry list of cancers and other forms of cellular mutation. You can Google it if you want to. I even came across a video of someone FRYING AN EGG WITH A CELL PHONE.

It was this video that really got my attention because I like problems that have solutions.

measuring electromagnetc radiation

If you don’t need a wireless connection, you can turn it off

It was a pretty simple matter to go to my ISP online and look around in the Help section for information on my wireless network. I copied and pasted the instructions to my other monitor and then followed them to find the appropriate place to turn my wireless OFF. It was a grand total of about 5 steps. Your mileage will vary but it might be a worthwhile journey.

On the other hand, with cell phone towers blasting radiation for miles, it might not make much difference.

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