bgMaker: Free Background Maker

bgMaker is a free background maker.

Just like in Grade 2, I still love working with graph paper and making background patterns.

They say as we get older, and older, we revert to childhood dreams. I don’t know a lot of old people so I’m not an expert in this subject. But I did recently hear from a close cousin (not mentioning any names) who, at the age of 80, just bought herself a bicycle. I bet that’s making her children nervous. First trip out she went straight into a hedge.

She said to me, quite seriously, “I don’t quite have a hang of the steering yet.”  Her brother bought her first (and only) bicycle when she was ten years old from money he earned delivering groceries at 5 cents a bag.  You know, back in 1860. She hasn’t been on a bike since she was 12.

I can see myself going more toward crayons. As I recall, I was a big crayon fan. As anyone who’s followed this blog for awhile knows, I change my site colors about as often as most people change their underwear, most often reverting to plain white due to massive indecision. If color and design appeals to you, here’s a really neat site where you can play in the color-box all day long. bgMaker

bgMaker, Free Background MakerI think it’s self-explanatory, but just in case: You can make the rectangle as big or small as you want. If you know how to use an html color-picker, you can get more precise with the codes. Pick colors and click on the little squares. If you make a mistake, click Ctrl+Z for Undo. Save your creations. (They’ll be really tiny.) Or take screenshots. Generally, this type of thing is used for backgrounds, but there are no color-swatch police watching so suit yourself.

Here’s one thing you can do with your creations. Drop them into the WebPics/Backgrnd folder in your Legacy installation and use them in your web pages as alternatives to the default offerings. They save very small from bgMaker but they’ll multiply to fill whatever page you use them for.

They’re exported as PNG by default from bgMaker. To be recognized in Legacy they have to be either so JPG or GIF. So open the PNG in whatever graphics editor you have handy and resave it as a JPG or GIF before putting it in the WebPics/Backgrnd folder.

Enjoy your senior years. Try not to kill yourself.

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