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I read about someone making a Genealogy Research Toolbox. I’m signed up for Thomas’ webinar in April to learn how.

I rooted around til I found out what a Genealogy Research Toolbox is. Apparently, it’s a collection of your genealogy links that you put altogether in one place for convenient access. I was going to leave a note for Thomas and tell him I couldn’t wait til April for his ideas because it’s a million years from now but his Comments section was closed. I think it was one of those daily things and if you miss the day you’re out of luck.

So I stayed up til sunrise looking at all the possibilities for making a toolbox of my own. I considered everything I could think of and nothing looked any better than having a gazillion bookmarks in my web browser … as usual. All that logging in and out of social bookmarking sites or a special links website to add links to. Gee whiz, that looks like a lot of work. So, I went to bed.

Today I got an idea. Here’s my Genealogy Research Toolbox. As far as I could get in a couple of hours. And here’s how to build the toolbox.

It’s really easy to make and you can host it in your Dropbox so it’s with you everywhere you go and update-able from anywhere.

5 thoughts on “Genealogy Research Toolbox

    1. JL Post author

      FreeMind exported as Flash. I use the ‘unstable’ version because it’s noticeably better than the one before. Or, try FreePlane which seems to be moving forward and working well. It has a portable version whereas FreeMind does not (except on my computer through some form of trickery I’ve long forgotten.)

  1. Thomas MacEntee

    Thanks for the shout out on the Research Toolbox. I think I have comments to close after 14 days on the GeneaBloggers site to discourage comment spam.

    I think research toolboxes are important especially as many of us start to develop “niches” in genealogy. My tools are heavy on New York and Illinois research.


    1. JL Post author

      There’s a couple of possibilities. You could have a really slow browser and you need to wait a few seconds. OR, you have javascript disabled in your browser. To fix that, go to Enabling Javascript and follow the instructions for your browser.


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