GNIS: Searching & Mapping Detailed Locations

Check this out. Geographic Names Information System. (GNIS)

This is a way to find otherwise difficult or ‘impossible’ locations. Not just towns. Other stuff. Buildings, bridges, cemeteries …

Geographic Names Information SystemStart here. Click on your location. “Domestic” for U.S. (There’s also a GNIS International under ‘Foreign Links’. Just follow along.) On the next page, click under that heading for “Search GNIS”. On the next page, you fill in the name of the place you’re looking for, click ‘Send Query’ and there it is, with latitude and longitude.

Sometimes you’ll have a few to choose from, so those times it helps if you can at least narrow down the county. After you click on your choice, over on the right is a selection of map types for zooming in on your target.

If you can’t print or right-click and save the map, you can always Screen Capture it.

In five minutes, I’d found two of my stubborn ‘lost’ locations. This can be locations too tiny to mention, or locations long ago absorbed into others.

Brilliant. Bookmark it.

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