Google Keywords: Roundup 1

GoogleThese are a few of the Google keywords leading to JLog in the last 3 days. Fairly typical going back months or years. And my answers, in case that would be useful.

1. metadata corruption windows 7
Still? You’re using Windows Live Photo Gallery, right? Get GeoSetter.

2. crack keepass
You can’t.

3. uninstall evernote 3.5
Yes, good idea.

4. alternative to evernote
It’s just incredible how many people want to know that.

5. how to get iptc caption in slideshow?
Use XnView or ACDSee Pro. You have to put the IPTC in first. I know you know that.

6. picasa faces database backup
Yep, that’s a good question and many people have asked it. Use the Picasa Backup option, i.e. burn your photos to disc.

7. how much money can a genealogist make
As much as they possibly can.

8. i hate picasa
Yep, I’m right with you there. Are you looking for something or just making a point?

9. crack keypass
You again?

10. how to backup picasa face database
Yes, I feel your pain. See 6.

11. how to crack keepass database
You can’t.

12. live in canada how to add minutes to tracfone
Been there, tried to do that. Good luck.

13. similar to actionoutline
Why would you want? It’s so good the way it is. Really, I don’t know of a better one.

14. keypass how to reset master password
It’s right there on the menu – File/Change Master Key

15. cracking keepass
crack keypass
crack keepass
how to crack keepass password
crack keepassx file
keypass cracked
cracking keepass
how to break into keepass
how to hack keepass database
breaking the keepass database
I’m telling you people, it can’t be done. If you’ve lost your Master password, it’s over.

16. where do my photos go when I save them in windows live photo gallery
O crap, you’re not using WLPG are you? They don’t go anywhere. They’re right wherever they are. Where do you keep them?

17. exiftoolgui map not showing
ExifToolGUI doesn’t have embedded maps. You can use it to add co-ordinates but you’ll need something else for viewing. Photo Mechanic, GeoSetter

18. is a tracfone without a sim card still a tracfone?
Yeah, but it might not be able to dial a number.

19. how to make tracfone shut up
Step on it with a heavy boot.

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