Google Keywords: Roundup 2

GoogleWhile my friends are hawking my business card around town and I’m short on sleep and creative inspiration, it’s easier to answer ready-made questions. So, here’s some more illumination from Google keywords.

1. can anyone crack keypass
Probably not. See 8.

2. how hard to crack keepass
Very hard.

3. get rid of buzz in google dashboard
You can’t without deleting your profile. You can, though, click on all the options and try to minimize and disconnect what they collect. Anything that asks you to say yes, Just Say No. If something is public, make it Private. Where it says ‘connected sites’, disconnect them.

4. can keepass be ran from a flash drive
Yes, it can. Finally a question about KeePass that has a yes answer. Get the portable version.

5. can you use a tracfone in canada
No, you can’t. This is a U.S. service only. Well, you might be able to but you stand to get arrested for it. Read the fine print.

6. crack keepass database?
Have you tried? Get back to me on that one.

7. brute force keepass
I know ‘brute force’ means something different in the password world, but look at it this way. You can throw a Sumo wrestler at KeePass and he won’t even make a dent.

8. how to hack keepass
how to crack keepass database
cracking keepass
crack keepass database
crack keepass
keypass crack
keepass database crack
keepass hack
Boy, you folks are inspiring me with your persistence. Your only hope is that the Master password is weak, something like ‘dog5’ or ‘husband2’. If there’s any kind of a decent password on it, (at least 10 mixed case plus numbers) you’re looking at something like 30,000 years of running a roomful of super-computers. How much time have you got? Because cracking passwords is all about time.

9. ditto maximum number of saved copies
I’m not sure what your question is but ‘saved copies’ means how many clips to keep on the clipboard. You can set it anywhere. It’s under Options. Right-click the icon in the system tray.

10. how i can see photos with .scr ext.
You know that box that comes up when you try to open a file that Windows can’t open? This one:

File Extension

Click OK and follow your nose. Or go to this site,, scroll down past all the ads and search for it alphabetically.

11. alphabetize sage list
Sage is part of your bookmarks library. If you’re in Firefox, go to Organize Bookmarks, then your Sage list, right-click and choose the obvious – Sort By Name.

12. picasa tiff
Picasa and TIFF in the same sentence is like … Never mind. Get GeoSetter.

13. Why won’t my google dashboard delete?
Because Google doesn’t want it to. They gave it to you as a gift. Why don’t you appreciate it?

Every single use you’ve ever made of Google products is in their hands. To show you how nice they are, they’ve created your Dashboard to show you all of it. Well, most of it. Not your search terms. And they give you a bit of control over it, or at least make it seem like you have some control. You can’t delete the Dashboard but you can scour through and try to shut down or delete any content.

You can even try killing any Google accounts you have. But all that means is that you will no longer be able to log into them. It doesn’t mean that Google is no longer holding your information. Flat out de-Googlifying yourself is probably not possible.

This is my experience with trying to minimize my Google connections. I was using several Google products that I closed 6 months ago. I thought. The other day I found out I can still log into them. All the data is still there. In fact, Google still sends me periodic email about them. One department chides me for bad behaviour. Another robot in the same department sends me email welcoming me with open arms. It reminds me of one of those old-fashioned porch swings. One person is going forward while the other person is going backward. No point talking back to robots so I don’t. I just watch.

It’s kind of like a bad marriage. You can throw all his/her belongings in the front yard and hope someone steals them. You can leave the bitch/bastard. You can get divorced. You can burn the divorce papers. But what you can’t do is wipe that experience off your soul. You were there. You did it. You’re responsible. It goes with you into Eternity. GOD, don’t we love our computers?

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