Google Keywords: Roundup 3

In the continuing saga of (mostly Google) keyword searches, these are expanded answers. I know I’ve written something about the subjects because that’s what’s bringing people to my site from the search engines, but I can also tell from the queries I haven’t said enough. So, here I am saying more.

1. faithful steward shipwreck coordinates
The Faithful Steward shipwrecked off the coast of Delaware, near Cape Henlopen, in 1785. I don’t know if there’s exact co-ordinates because, you know, it was 1785 and the ship was being tossed around in the waves. The captain and crew took the long boats and went to shore so there was no-one to man the GPS device.

I heard it, generally speaking, went down about 100 yards from shore. Exactly where off shore could be hard to fathom. The ship was battered to pieces while it was floundering in the waves for more than a few hours. This was not a tidy shipwreck.

Besides my 5th great-granduncle and his family totaling 12 persons and about 160 others, the ship and its pieces went down, here and there, with a lot of coinage but the coins have shifted over the past 200+ years. So, if you’re looking for the coins, exact co-ordinates probably won’t help. According to the locals they’re all over the place. If the idea of snorkeling doesn’t appeal to you, last I heard George III pennies were going for $70 each in the shops. The gold rose guineas … I shudder to think.

2. IPTC how view
XnView, Photo Mechanic, GeoSetter, iTag. Anything that writes IPTC also reads it.

3. read gps from picture
READ GPS FROM PICTURES (Ok, ok, I can hear you.)
GPS is part of the EXIF info. Look for it in XnView, Photo Mechanic, GeoSetter or anything really.

4. photo gallery software with gps
GeoSetter, GeoSetter, GeoSetter.

5. organizing genealogy
You’re kidding, right? Are you hoping for a short paragraph? You need database software. I recommend Legacy Family Tree. And then you need a way to organize your paper and synchronize it with your database. I favor anything that excludes punching holes in old documents and liberal use of PVC plastics. Read Source Citations: Assigned Sources and if you’re still interested at the end of that, read MRIN Filing System+. If you’re on my website you’re at The Church of MRIN.

6. can i copy from carbonite backup drive to my documents
It’s called restoring files. Right-click on a file for options.

7. uninstall previous evernote
It’s called uninstalling programs. Just uninstall it.

8. how to permanently delete photos when you have carbonite backup
Deleting photos is like deleting anything else. Just delete them. The Carbonite Backup Drive will recognize them as deleted. And then you can delete the reference to them from the Backup Drive.

9. where are my pictures on carbonite
Your Carbonite Backup Drive looks basically the same as your C-drive except it’s part of your C-drive. It doesn’t create something else to confuse you. Wherever they are on your C-drive, that’s where they are on your Carbonite Backup Drive.

10. live gallery exiftool acdsee iptc xmp
windows live photo gallery exif
photoshop elements organizer vs Microsoft Live Photo Gallery
is windows live photo gallery crap
adobe elements vs. windows live photo gallery
I can’t talk about Windows Live Photo Gallery because I don’t use it. And I don’t use it because I assume it’s still crap, to borrow the word, and I’ve had plenty of experience with it being crap and I don’t trust it as far as I can spit and there are much better things around so why bother with it? I don’t use Photoshop Elements Organizer either because it strips out maker notes and crashes constantly although I do use the Photoshop Elements Editor regularly because I like it and it works.

11. moved picasa lost people tags
I know. It’s the eternally sad story of Picasa. Try GeoSetter instead.

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