Google Keywords: Roundup 4

I like to answer the questions that people have because sometimes it’s easier than making stuff up. But some Google keyword searches probably confuse Google too. So, here’s some of those.

1. 2.2. Portable Version Install
Uh … which software?

2. airdropper folder empty
Do you have a reason to be expecting something else?

3. how to save in 2 page scrolling view a pdf file
Scrolling view is a reading thing, not a saving thing.

4. linking files
You’re being a teeny tiny bit too general.

5. online photo replacer
You don’t like the photos you have?

6. program goes bad

7. update some software

8. What you meant by Digital sources

9. presbyterians quakers
Who would ever put Presbyterians and Quakers in the same phrase, I can’t even imagine.

10. dropbox confuses me
Really. How so?

11. dropbox doesn’t do anything
It’s a box. It’s just a big old empty box. That’s why it’s free.

and, drum roll …

12. i want to get a research mind
Ten thousand genealogists just fell in love with you. Looking to hire someone? Wanting a personality reconstruction?

2 thoughts on “Google Keywords: Roundup 4

    1. JL Post author

      I didn’t think the person was looking for screen capture software but maybe I missed the point.


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