Google Keywords: Roundup 5

People, people, people. More Google keywords.

1. how do you turn your webcam around on skype so your contact can see your screen
Just don’t. Seriously, you need to read this.

2. clone
The day someone clones …

3. how do you get into someones files
Tsk, tsk. You should not be trying to do that without an invitation.

4. how to get things off a flash drive when it goes bad
You’ve got a timing problem.

5. keepass what if i lose my drive
Don’t lose your drive unless you have a backup. You know … backups.

6. how to control money though not making money
Hmm. Maybe you could volunteer on Wall Street?

7. don’t get me started on genealogy
I know what you mean.

8. genealogy of adam and eve
Gimme a break.

9. done with my to do list what now?
Google ‘what’s next manual’.

10. evernote won’t open vista
Not surprised.

11. why does my adobe Photoshop album keep crashing
It’s genetic.

12. how to make money on geneabloggers
Call Thomas; he’ll be thrilled.

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