After eons without, JLog now has gravatars! Most of you do not. A gravatar is the icon that shows next to blog comments, usually a person’s face but it doesn’t have to be. Mine is not. If you want your own, instead of an auto-generated one, go to

You don’t need a website. Just sign up for a free account, insert the email address you use for making blog comments, upload a picture of what you want your gravatar to be. And that’s it. Now, when you post a comment (on most any blog except Blogger) your gravatar will show up.

If you’re commenting on Blogger, which is most genealogy blogs, you’ll need to add a profile picture to your Google account. And when you post a comment choose your Google profile from the drop-down menu.

If you left a comment on JLog back in 2006 or 2007 when the site was still constructed of HTML pages and you were sending me comments by email instead, hook yourself up with Gravatar, then write to me and tell me your name and email address and I’ll fix it.

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