Highlighting Documents With FastStone Draw Board

Being able to highlight documents that are in an image format is sometimes desirable.

For instance, if you have birth certificates from those old hand-written or typewriter-typed books or passenger lists. And you’d like to save your remaining eyesight for worthier pursuits than searching the same names over and over.

The easiest way I know is to use the FastStone Draw Board. This can be accessed either through FastStone Image Viewer or through FastStone Screen Capture.

Draw Board, FastStone Image Viewer
Set your page size on ‘fit-the-page’, your color on whatever you want it to be, the opacity level down. Click the solid rectangle, then drag it across the line you want highlighted, and you’re done. Click OK and re-save the image. (It helps if you straighten the image first. FastStone can also do that to within 1/10th of a degree.)

The most cousins I’ve found on one page is nine. I hemmed and hawed about whether to use just one copy for all of them or one for each. And whether to join many pages into a single PDF and annotate it with the contents for searching later. The images are only about 1 MB each, so it’s not a space issue. Since I’m linking all my source images into Legacy, I decided to go with one image per person, numbered according to my MRIN Filing System protocol, and that works fine.

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