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I thank everyone who sent Christmas wishes and uplifting comments on the new blog. Back again. And welcome to the new and simpler page design. Hopefully, simple enough to keep the web browsers happy.

I may have given the impression that I like Firefox, and maybe don’t like Internet Explorer so much. I feel compelled to explain. Some people have devoted entire websites to their problems with Internet Explorer. But I’ll just give you my little piece of the story.

For a long time I managed to ignore IE. I switched to Firefox and never looked back. Have you ever heard of anyone using Firefox and then going back to IE? I rest my case. But since I started making web pages IE is back in my life and the bane of my existence. I know some of you are still using IE so I’m trying to accommodate you. My cousin, Sam, for instance …

Sam lives too far away for me to go over there and rearrange her computer so I just hear the sad tales by telephone. Sam doesn’t know what a web browser is. All Sam knows is that a nice man came to her house one day and put a shortcut to the Google search box on her desktop. Sam is terrified of the Internet. But, when she does venture out about once a month, Google takes her where she wants to go so that’s all she cares about. If push came to shove Sam would probably say that Google is her web browser.

Internet Explorer

So, since I know some of you are still using IE, I’ve spent many hours shifting my page elements this way and that trying to improve the view there, alas, to no avail. My web pages still look like they just came out of the wringer cycle; pages off center, funny-looking text, spacing askew … I am not a programmer, at all, although occasionally I stumble upon a way to adjust something in the source code that makes IE happy. But it ain’t easy and mostly I fail. And, although I am willing to take full responsibility, I have it on good authority that this is not entirely my fault. So, at the very least, my lack of skill has company.

The closest I can come to peace is to switch to a straight through, one column, plain white page. This way I can spend more time writing and less time struggling. Meanwhile, the debate rages on, some people thinking other people should not be putting comments on their web pages such as “these pages view better in xyz browser” and we should all get up to code instead, although the standardized code is constantly changing. In any case, if you’re still using IE, my sincerest suggestion to you would be to get Firefox and end the misery. Not only will I be spared the humiliation, knowing my pages are being viewed the way I intend, but you will have a much better web browser.

2 thoughts on “IE & Firefox

  1. Claude Callender Post author

    Firefox the better browser”

    No truer words have ever been spoken(or written). FireFox is the closest to being the best browser simply because it’s Programmers insist on using standard, accepted code. Microsoft has never agreed to use standard, generally accepted code for any of their programs.

    Firefox will change your computer experience!

  2. JL Post author

    A quick note to anyone who’s thinking of switching but concerned about how it will all work out. During the installation process it will ask you if you want to import your favorites from IE. All you have to do is click Yes and it will be done. At some point it will ask if you want Firefox to be your default browser. Again you can just say Yes. It does everything IE does, and more, and better. Don’t go uninstalling IE from your computer though. It’s part of the operating system and god knows what all it’s hooked into.


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