Jarte: Rich Text Editor

I mentioned in Essential Software I was looking for a replacement for the Windows 7 version of WordPad. Well, I found one. It’s called Jarte. Fortunately it has a portable version because I love portable software. Funny for someone who hates traveling and would happily stay home forever if I had a personal shopper, but there you go. Another of life’s fun little contradictions.

Jarte is different to look at but if you turn on the regular menu, you’ll recognize everything. The button on the far left of the middle menu (in black) includes that option.

Menu Options, Jarte

Best of all, it Jarte has hyperlinking which has been taken out of WordPad. I don’t know what they’re being afflicted by over there at Microsoft but I wish they’d get over it.

Monitor Update:

The new one (a Philips) arrived yesterday. I didn’t want to take it out of its box because the dead one had resurrected itself several times and I was still hoping. By this morning the power light was occasionally turning on for one second before blinking off again. This was not a very good sign as it could be a capacitor on the way out. With the weather the way it is, it could be another two weeks before I get someone to even look at it. So I took out the new monitor and set it up.

What a treat! The screen is actually white, something I haven’t seen in 3 years with the LG’s. I spent an hour fiddling with the color options on the remaining LG and the closest I can get to white is mud and barely taupe is piercing mauve. So I found a deal on the Philips for $100 less and no shipping and ordered another one. Well on my way now into Christmas extravagance.

It’s got height adjustment, side-to-side swivel, a USB port, (that needs to be plugged into a port on your tower so it’s just for convenient positioning rather than being an extra) and built-in speakers (which I don’t need). But, the biggest deal is that the screen is white. Try reading text with shades of pink and purple dancing around your eyeballs. You’ll think someone shot you with a morphine dart when you weren’t looking. If you’ve ever experienced morphine, that is.

The only downside is that the lowest height (which varies up to 4″) is an inch and a half too high for my ergonomically perfect home-made desk setup, which means I need to find someone with a table saw to lower my monitor shelf. Or I could take the wheels off but then my knees will be hitting the keyboard pull-out. Always something.

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