Jing: Screen Capture & Computer Video

JingI don’t know what you’ll use this for but I bet you’ll think of something.

Jing is a combination screen capture and computer video-making program. After installation you’ll see a small sun image at the top of your screen. When you hold your cursor to it out pop three smaller suns. This image is the entire main program interface.

From left to right: Capture, History and More.

If you click on Capture, you can take a screen-shot and have tools for annotating with arrows, text, frames and highlights as well as choices for uploading to online storage, ftp, or saving locally.

Jing Screen Capture

Or you can mark off the area for a screen-shot and click the video button instead. Of course, this only takes videos of what’s on your screen but that’s a lot if you think about it. Video length is limited to 5 minutes.

Jing Video Capture

If you’re plugged into a microphone, you have a countdown of three seconds before it starts recording sound. Videos are saved as .swf files that will open in your browser. Right-click and then Open With and choose which browser to ‘train’ your computer. You also need to have Adobe Flash Player installed. (A common requirement for computer video.)

The History button will bring up a re-sizable window showing all your screen captures and videos in thumbnail size with a slide-out information screen for each one.

Jing History

The More button leads to Preferences and Help (Getting Started and “How Do I…”)

Jing Preferences
Jing is easy, it’s brilliant, it’s free and it’s at the top of JL’s Favorite Things list.

During the installation Jing will ask you to create an account with Screencast.com. You have to do this to get through the installation even if you don’t intend to use the 2 GB of free storage they provide you. The Jing blog has some great tips.

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