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If you’re still using Internet Explorer you may have seen, down the Favorites list, a Links folder. It’s part of the XP operating system and can be used with any browser without opening IE at all. I know not 100% of you are using XP and I apologize but it’s all I can talk about because it’s all I know. If you’re still using Fortran IV & V I might be able to dredge it up.

Do this …

(Caveat: Here and hereafter, and everywhere and forevermore, when I say “Do” what I mean by that is after you read the whole post, after you answer all your own questions on the subject and only when your inner computer-wisdom says it’s OK. In e-space, as on Earth.)

… Right click on the task-bar. (What’s the task-bar? my cousin, Sam, asked. It’s that blue bar along the bottom of your screen.) Click the tick next to “Lock the Taskbar” so it wil be unlocked.

Windows XP Taskbar

Windows XP Taskbar

Go around the corner and click “Links”. While you’re in there you might as well click “Quick Launch” too.
It will put next to your Start button, an easy way to get back to your Desktop from anywhere.

Windows XP Taskbar

Go back and Lock the Taskbar by clicking next to it. Links should now show on your task-bar like this:

Windows XP Taskbar

Now, when you have a web page open that you want to keep nearby because you use it a lot, drag the icon next to the web address and drop it into Links:

Links folder in Internet Explorer

You can build a list of bookmarks for speedier access this way. You will save yourself a lot of stress and bother if you put all your most-visited genealogy websites in there.

Links folder in Windows XP taskbar

You can also have the Links folder showing at the top of your Windows folders. Just right click on the toolbar and click Customize.

Links folder in Windows XP menu bar

2 thoughts on “Links Folder in Internet Explorer

  1. Bruce McArthur Post author


    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and have downloaded some of the programs you have suggested. I particularly like EverNote. I even bought Syncback.

    I’ve been reading your item on Links and I was going to do it but I got lost when you said “go around the corner and click links”. What exactly do you mean? – sorry for being thick. Interestingly I lost my little “quick launch” icon when I installed IE 7 and I would like it back. (I binned IE7 because it didn’t show me the favourites I use the most like IE6 does, I get all of them which is a pain; That’s also the reason I don’t use Mozilla.)


    1. JL Post author

      “Go around the corner” was unnecessary. I was just trying to be more visual. Leave out that phrase and just go to what comes after that, i.e. click on “Links”. Then lock your toolbar and you’re ready to start dragging and dropping URL’s into it. Same thing to get your Quick Launch icon back. Just click on it in that menu I put a screenshot of.

      I don’t understand your problems with the Favorites list, as IE 7 has one, just like IE 6 does. Firefox for sure has a favorites list, although they call it “bookmarks” instead, and you only get the ones you ask for.


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