MarkUp: Draw On Web Pages

Do you ever wish you could write on a web page so you can send it to someone and show them what you mean? MarkUp lets you do that.

No installation required. Just drag the icon to your bookmarks menu.

Go to a web page. Click the MarkUp icon. Draw, add text, and publish. “Publish” will give you a shortened URL to send to others. They can ‘markup’ back to you.

Right now MarkUp is in beta.

One thought on “MarkUp: Draw On Web Pages

  1. Barbara Schenck

    Very slick. I am teaching a genealogy course and have been looking for a way to work with students online using Ancestry’s search engine to help them figure out how to search. This might well be just the ticket. They can send me a mark-up of what they’ve got and we can go from there. Lots of potential. Thanks.



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