Good morning from my antique laptop. Getting this posted has been a challenge with programs crashing left and right. If DELL sends me the wrong graphics card for my desktop monitor, (which seems entirely possible) …

It’s hard to say how this might work out. I’ve had so many different opinions about my monitor problems, this latest one might fix it. And it might not.

dual VGA-to-DVI

dual VGA-to-DVI

To back up the monitor train for a minute: A couple of weeks ago I ordered the part recommended by a DELL technical supervisor – a dual VGA-to-DVI/dual DVI-to-VGA connector. Not only did the part not fit itself in the places it was supposed to, it didn’t fit the connectors on my tower. Small matter. Just packed it up and sent it back for a refund. Also sent a report, as they had requested, including photographs, and had no response.

Carried on again as usual. I had just spent two days wrangling 54GB of files from place to place and was about to make a backup of the changes when, all of a sudden, a square of yellow vertical lines appeared underneath my cursor and one monitor went black. The other monitor was wallpapered with exclamation marks and stuff written in multiple languages that weren’t English, the general drift being that the computer was in the midst of a crisis. I knew that because I’d studied (both officially and unofficially) nine languages by the age of 15 and I can kind of fake it.

I called DELL. Then I spent the next 90 minutes testing monitors using this laptop, testing cables, taking the tower apart to re-seat the graphics card, re-testing, etc to determine that the graphics card had gone kaflooey. I already knew that but they can’t really do anything about it without going through all the paces first.

SO, they are going to send me yet another graphics card and an on-site technician. That will be sometime next week. Since I’m slow, but starting to catch on here, I’m not going to hook up two monitors to it; just one.

A week after that, another graphics card is going to arrive. The $100.79 one. This one I will be installing myself. That one will have two DVI connectors and will not crash when it has two monitors connected to it. At this point, I’m guessing this is just theory.

But, if all goes well, (hope springs eternal) this will kill two birds with one stone. The graphics card will live a long and happy life and the monitors will be the same color. Stay tuned.

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